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Strategy and Organization


Social Media Marketing





Helping Hands
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Cleaning business owners tend to spend so much time working “IN” their cleaning businesses that they often don’t take the time to learn how to grow and develop it by learning how to work “ON” their business.

Book Keeping


Systemize your cleaning



Email marketing / Content Creation


100 Business Forms   and much much more............


Use this app to help you bid on any cleaning job .Very user friendly,convenient and affordable

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Start up preparation
Office Scene

Entrepreneurship is a lonely road that you do not have to walk by yourself .I know how frustrating these times can be but don't worry Im here to help .Let me help you get started ,We will develop a step by step procedure to get you legal and ready to start excepting contracts

Strategy and Organization

Cant find receipts? Don't know where your last clients info went? Let me help you come up with a realistic Strategy and better Organization for your company ,I cant stress how important it is to keep good records 

Strategy and Organization

This is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME  if you want REAL RESULTS you must do some REAL WORK!


I went from living in the projects to owning my very own 6 figure cleaning company .I managed to scale my cleaning company very quickly with hard work and determination .Im not a GURU but I can help you grow your  cleaning business .YOU just have to be coachable .

Social Media Management


Its time for you to generate awareness about your business using marketing strategies and campaigns with the goal of creating a unique and lasting image in the marketplace.Let me help you

Running a family managing business along with making time for social media can be a real pain in the butt  ,trust me I know I did it for years so I decided to help you guys get started on all social media plat forms .If you are serious about being a successful business people have to find you on the internet.Let me help you set all your business pages up for success 

Hands on support

Ever get stuck and just feel like throwing the towel in.Working online can bring great frustration and you cant be your best self if you are operating out of a low frequency.With my hands on support  my company uses particular software that will allow me to see your screen and direct you hands on.


At the end of the day you cant build a company with out creating a system for each department .Let me help you


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